The F.2.P.A.G.P. Courtesy of ChaorruptedLego

The F.2.P.A.G.P is a group of friends bond together by one goal. However, we weren't a massive and famous group at the start. We were simply at first a humble group of friends, but closely bond together by friendship.

 The name was formed on August 2011, by our group leader, Kzc519, also known as Tofuios, his LEGO Universe in-game name. At first, few people joined the team, but the group of friends was still growing. Along that time, three of our members, LegoBrickBuilder4567, DCA773, AgentMLN, BirdBot4444 and his brother, Gho joined. It wasn't until November when chaorruptedlego, aka Choa (Most recently Dimensio), future F.2.P.A.G.P Roleplay leader joined. Our group was expanding at a astonishing rate, also to include future Maelstrom HQ leader, MichaelYoda, Dancer103, a funky person, and LORDSEBASTIANSMASHER, the Soup Kitchen Cook. We were adventuring through Lego Universe, hanging out and smashing Maelstrom along the way. But then came November 6, 2011....

It was the day when Lego Universe was announced to close. Everyone was in a state of despair, but the F.2.P.A.G.P was determined to hold together. On January 30, Doomsday had come. Lego Universe was closed at Midnight EST, and it was history.

However, the F.2.P.A.G.P still stayed together. On January 31, the F.2.P.A.G.P
Roleplay topic was formed, this time, with chaorruptedlego as its leader.

We were a small HQ at first, but over time, other HQ's began to take notice of us, including the legendary, and notorious, Void Empire. S.C.A.R, another HQ, asked to ally with us. Eventually, we, the F.2.P.A.G.P and S.C.A.R and some other HQ's, formed the Crimson Order, to bring peace to Roleplay and bring back the fun we had in Lego Universe.

Many months had past and the F.2.P.A.G.P. grew stronger, but sadly on September 15th 2012, the Role-Play team was disbanded following its leader's resignation. 

But the team wasn't totally dead. A few members continued to hold together and are still alive through the old team page, and now the new F.2.P.A.G.P. Wiki.

Flash forward two years... With LU having been forgotten by many, and the F2PAGP scattered, only two members remain of the once glorious team. They strive together to keep the memory of long ago alive, so that the F.2.P.A.G.P. will never be forgotten...

That is how we are today...