Welcome to the The F.2.P.A.G.P. WikiEdit

The Free 2 Play Avant Garden Protecters (F.2.P.A.G.P.) is a team created for the somewhat short-lived LEGO MMOG "LEGO Universe (LU)" that was founded on 8/2011 specifically for the Free2Players (F2P) that consisted of both F2P and Members (P2P).

The Team Started out slow at first then started to pick up more members as time passed.

But when the closing of LU was announced, the members list slowly shrank until only a few were left.

Continuing through the New Year the team progressed, and the team's main forum turned into a chatroom for friends.

After the closure of LEGO Universe, the team still stayed alive in the creation of the F.2.P.A.G.P. Role-play forum in the LU role-play section on the LEGO MessageBoards (LMBs) and the newly found F.2.P.A.G.P. wiki.

So members new and old, welcome to the new F.2.P.A.G.P. Wiki!

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