Tofuios, aka as kzc519, is the founder of the original F.2.P.A.G.P. team for LEGO Universe. He started playing LU as CoolCrazyTofu, though when he upgraded to Membership Status he changed his name to Tofuios, which he goes by now.
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Raging Tofu

Tofuios was a Level 45 Rank 3 Assembly Master before LU closed down.

Such as being a Rank 3 Assembly Master, he achieved all gears to Rank 3 Summoner, Rank 3 Inventor, Rank 3 Engineer, Summoner Valiant Cape, Engineer Valiant Cape, The Serratorizer, The Wing Reaper and the Faction's Personal Pet.


Was a F2P until getting a Membership and stayed as leader of the team.  In Avant Garden Survival QuantumTwilightTorpedo , ChaorruptedLego, Intrepid, or TurboBlueBuilder/Turbo would try to survive the longest together along with teaming up with them allowing them to survive the longest without help of Faction gears.

He reached level 23 while an F2P before he upgraded to a membership.

Complex CrystalToffeeEdit

Complex CrystalToffee is Tofuios's name in LEGO Chima Online MMOG.

Currently he is a level 20 Eagle.


CoolCrazyTofu is Tofuios's name in LEGO Minifigures Online Closed Beta.

Fun FactsEdit

  • His original outfit was an orange business suit and tan pants.
  • His best personal time in Avant Garden Survival was 4 hours.
  • His LEGO Universe F2P Name and His LEGO Minifigures Online Closed Beta name are the same, CoolCrazyTofu.