TurboBlueBuilder, commonly referred to as Turbo or LBB, was a level 40 F2P.

Turbo was rank 2 in F2P ranking after finding out that in another server that there was a rank 42 F2P.

His favorite pack was a decked out in all blue clothes such as  Blue pants, Blue Rocket Shirt, Blue Kepi a Blue Halbert and sometimes a Blue Parrot.


TurboBlueBuilder2, also commonly referred to as Turbo or LBB, was a level 42 Paradox Faction member. 

On P2P version of Turbo,  he was often dressed up in a Custom battle gear when battling ButterScorch.  Although his main rank is Rank 3 Shinobi, his favorite gear package for the game was Rank 3 Sorcerer for long distance attacks and massive  Imagination refills. His trademark is "Turbo Time!" which was used often in battle. He also is often in all blue as seen in the picture. 

Colonel ObsidianStrikerEdit

Colonel ObsidianStriker is TurboBlueBuilder's name in LEGO Chima Online.

He is currently at level 24, the level right below the max level.

Fun FactsEdit

In LEGO Chima Online: Closed Beta, Turbo is part of the Eagle tribe; the same tribe that Complex CrystalToffee is in.